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It’s politico flying time again


So it is flying time again for the rich politicians. They fly from place to place conducting ‘whistle stop ‘meetings all over the Island. I am glad they have realised the benefits of using domestic charter aircraft for their political campaigns, as it saves valuable time.

Unfortunately, once these politicians go to parliament they forget about domestic aviation, which helped to put them there. Domestic aviation has a role to play as stated by a World Bank Study in 2016 done on the ‘Development of Domestic Airports – PPP’. There are 16 of them, most of which are looked after by the SLAF at an enormous cost to the public and are totally unproductive.


More ways to contain the virus


I suggest the following ways of containing the spread of the Coronavirus in addition to the health guidelines already in place, such as social distancing, washing hands, avoiding crowded places etc.

Rafi is gone but his voice lives on!

It is going to be 40 years since Mohammed Rafi passed away on July 31, 1980, several years too early for a man who was only 55 years. His impact on Hindi cinema and his contribution to the Hindi film song cannot be outlined in a few hundred or thousand...

Banks shouldn’t hurt Senior Citizens

It appears that Senior Citizens have got a double whammy, from their banks. In addition to the drastic reduction in interest paid for their Fixed Deposits, some private banks are not sending their monthly bank statements and renewal notices by post, as...

For Public Or Rulers’ Welfare?

On August 5th 2020, we as citizens will choose the people who may join the President in governing this country for the next five years, if a Parliamentary system of governance under the present 1978 Constitution continues.

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