Hakeem launches ‘We Are a part, not apart: demystifying myths against Muslims of Sri Lanka’

SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem launches his book, "We Are a Part, Not Apart: Demystifying Myths Against Muslims of Sri Lanka" today (31), at Golden Crown Hotel, Ampitiya, Kandy. The speakers at the launch include, Ambassador Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke, Ven Moragaswewe Vijitha Thera, Prof. B.A. Hussainmiya and Vijitha Yapa, the publisher of the book. The event will also include reflections from the author.

 Hakeem’s main message in the book reiterates the need for peace among all communities and reinforces that the groups we belong to are socially constructed and not necessarily etched in stone.

 The book in Hakeem’s words "is an appeal to the better nature of fellow Sri Lankans. It is an effort to critically examine the forces that pull us apart." He states that the book will act as a "socio-political covenant for the Muslims of Sri Lanka, for self-reflection" and that it would "shed light on the politics of resentment that has overwhelmed us today. It attempts to reset Muslim relations with the Sinhala majority by addressing other communities’ overarching concerns with regard to Muslims."

 Participation at the event is on invitation.

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