‘Funding political parties amounts to buying favours’


Text and pic by PRIYAN DE SILVA 

Co-convener of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) Dr. Paikiyasothy Saravanamuttu, addressing the media on Wednesday said that funding political parties tantamounts to buying favours.

Dr. Saravanamuttue said that there would be a payback time when the party concerned got elected and it would be the basis on which decision making and governance of the country would be done.

Dr. Saravanamuttu said that Sriā€ˆLankan democracy would be much richer if political parties disclosed their accounts to the public and revealed the sources of funding.

 He reiterated the need for a strong citizens’ movement to demand more information about campaign finance and also pressure politicians to come up with necessary legislation.

 Dr. Saravanamuttu said that even though Sri Lankans had come out in large numbers at previous elections there would be a marked reduction in voter turnout on August 5 as COVID-19 acted as a deterrent where senior citizens were concerned.

He also said that it was possible that a large number would also abstain from voting or willfully spoil their votes as they were disappointed at the available choices. He said that it was because all the previous administrations had done something the voters did not agree with or were fed up with.

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