Fourth coal power unit at Norochcholai to save over Rs 27 bn annually


By Ifham Nizam

The fourth unit of the Lakvijaya Power Plant Complex in Norochcholai would annually save more than Rs. 27 billion, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Chairman Vijitha Herath said, speaking on the sidelines of a press briefing yesterday at its Headquarters in Colombo.

Herath said that the estimated cost of the fourth unit was around USD 300 million and it would produce 1.8 billion units annually. The unit cost would be around Rs. 8.50 plus. He said it would be a huge saving compared to any other energy source with the exception of hydro power.

Herath said that they had still not awarded its construction to anyone as the technical evaluation and environment impact study was ongoing.

The Chairman, however, noted that the Cabinet had decided to award the contract to the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) considering huge revenue saved due to the contribution from 3×300 MW plants.

Electricity consumers would receive the concessions for March, April, and May bills, the CEB Chairman said, adding that Rs. 3 billion had been allocated to provide concessions with the blessings of the Cabinet. Those who paid bills for March, April and May, need not worry as deduction would be made to their bills in the future so that they would also benefit from the concessions.


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