Webinar on financial sector resilence

A webinar on the need for a new resiliency in the local financial system will commence at 4.00 PM on August 1. It will be streamed via FB of CIMA, FT, ICCSL, AAT and CA. Our financial system has proved very resilient over the past 50 years. No reason to doubt it will bounce back after this crisis.

The ‘bounce back’ is the unknown this time. Little of what we know and are familiar with and can deal with successfully, will be the same as before – customers, demand, value propositions, savings habits, revenue streams.All of these key metrics would have undergone paradigm shifts, almost a metamorphosis with the pandemic. The webinar will explore threats and opportunities for the financial sector post covid 19 and the need for a paradigm shift .

The session will be moderated by Dinesh Weerakkody ICC Chair and Global Economist Samantha Amerasinghe . The panel will include Dr. Indrajit Coomarsamy - former Governor CBSL.

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